A new view

A change. A transition. A new view.

The school holidays have started, we are mid way on a smallish reno project, the house is chaos and we have headed to the beach. It must be the coldest, wildest June I have known down here on the coast. The wind is terrifying and creating a cacophany of strange howls. The cold is biting, reminding me of our need for layers of wool and warmth. Bed looks good.
But life moves on. The 7mouths need to be fed and watered, we need things to do and play, books to read, movies to watch, a pudding to make,a dog to walk.
Family holidays offer a new view. We all look a little different, have different needs and wants. There are new opportunities and challenges. It is a new ‘space’ that invites reflection, a new view on how we are doing life. Are we doing well?
Here are some points of reference:
1. Sleep – are we using the holiday time to sleep well and sleep more?
2. Speak – are we taking time to speak to each other with kindness and about new things?
3. Song – are we making music? Humming a tune, listening to the soundtrack of life.
4. Sugar – are we eating well, avoiding too many sweet treats?
5. Solo -are we investing in some serious solo time, to clear our head, rest, review, reflect and reset.
How do you do holidays in winter? Do you have some wisdom about how to find that new view?
PS I love this view of Ella Webb’s art @Wynton

The Board Less Travelled

We are frantically packing and sorting so we can get some painting done. Finally. Taking care of our home has been a huge undertaking. It is a grand house in the Victorian sense with high ceilings, ornate nods to the era and a whole lot of other people’s renovations. It was built for a surgeon in 1876 and sadly he died soon after his pratice and home were completed. It has been owned by a series of doctors, it has been offices for surveyors, a head office for an old telecommunication company and a bed and breakfast. Now it is a home, for all seven of us. 

It overwhelmed us when we first made this home. There were spare rooms, a guest bedroom and whole areas of ‘junk’ aka – too hard to find a home for this!
But now it is our very special home. It has welcomed two little people, additions to our older three children. Every room is maximised, each cupboard full, all spaces accounted for. We have polished boards, changed window treatments, tarted up the outside, ripped up carpets and transformed it all with a lick of Dulux Antique White USA. And now we are ready to paint some bedrooms. As I wait for the little ones to bathe I am on the floor wondering about all those who have tread these floors. And what does it mean to make a house a home, a real home.

Have you renovated? How did you choose your home? Would you optfor something different if you had your time over again? 

The Copper Hen

  The Copper Hen-Cakery and Kitchen. A large open space that had been lovingly restored complete with pressed copper roof, large wooden beams, polished boards and a sumptuous eatery. It is a farm-to-table cakery (love this word) in ‘Eat Street’ in the heart of the city of Minneapolis. When we visited to have our late lunch and glass of wine The Copper Hen was a month old. So young but doing a great trade and trying some new things. According to Heavy Table the husband and wife team Chris and Danielle Bjorling raised nearly $12,000 as a kick-starter from friends and neighbours to get their passion project, a rustic, farmhouse style bakery and cafe off the ground. I am totally seduced by the amazing looking bread and the display of sweet treats. And I admire anyone starting a food business – you can see the hard work in the space, the detail, the attention to please.

We sampled this cheeseboard and tried a ‘black and white pizza’ which was simply fig and goats cheese on a leavened base. It was thin, but dense and chewy – quite a new sensation, but lovely. Does everything taste so good when you are away from home and exploring? I am not sure. But this little establishment was simply good fun. You can follow them on Facebook and be inspired for your next leavened adventure in your own kitchen.

Going Home

Last night away from our little people and our home. I have had such an amazing time here in the USA with my man and have only skimmed the surface with blogs and instagram updates. 

It seems wherever we go Obama is on some live TV feed in a restaurant or store. We have walked miles exploring the city, hired bikes, met some amazing people, panicked when laptops or phones died and have eaten a lot of ‘ranch ‘ dressing.
It is ‘D Day’ and we are watching it unfold on TV – catching glimpses of Abbott and reminders of home.
So tomorrow we leave the world of super size soda, donuts and the GAP. We begin that struggle of flying, being in transit… Of travel. Think of us. Pray for God’s speed.

Mags for Inspiration

The Knot

 I am loving finding new things to look at – I have always loved magazine but have had a sabbatical from buying them. A long story which I am sure you can track back in the blog. But as I wonder the through Barnes and Noble these are a few that I haven’t seen at home. If you want to find out more I am sure Pinterest will offer you more insight.

Papier Mache and Mollie Makes -DIY Fashion

Art Journaling



Country Living Modern Rustic

Off Target

Grown up bean bags, covered occasional chairs.

Did I mention Minneapolis is the home of Target? Well the homeware section of Target looks nothing like our store at home. There is such a range of lovely things – here is a sample. One of the blogs I have read over the years  – HouseTweaking – would often reference Target as one of her home interior sources. Now I know why. I would be happy to take all of this home, but…it probably won’t happen.

I love large collections on display.

Gorgeous wool felt stool.

Love the Navy bottoms on these baskets.