Seinfeld wearing Junners.

My older kids are fond of using this term –  Junners.  According to the urban dictionary:

Junners are Jeans and Runners. Worn by people who have no sense in fashion or can’t afford some dress shoes to go with jeans.

Junners have never been my thing. Even when Seinfeld was popular, the jeans and runners thing really did not work for me. 

Now I am not out to offend anyone. There are practical reasons why you might pull on some runners while you get the mail, mow the grass or walk the dog. But in the life of young people, junners are not cool. There is even a dedicated Facebook page to junners, hash tags for junners and the odd youtube tribute.
Now I have my big kids junner spotting wherever we go. Try it sometime. There are junners where you least expect them.