Give to Receive

Retro Jumble Sale

I have started a process of de-cluttering. Sorting out kids clothes, books and toys. It is amazing how many trinkets and craft items my girls can hoard in secret places. And clothes…..well we always have a good supply of hand me downs and I am constantly on the look out for a vintage or op shop bargain piece. But enough is enough….we have too many clothes. Simple. True. So I decided on a whim to move on many of the clothes that I have had stored in boxes, waiting for the girls to get to the next size. In spite of well sorted, labelled boxes I have missed complete sizes and seasons. Furthermore, the kids are different sizes and some are fussy.

┬áSo….I organised a mini give away in my lounge room. I sorted the clothes into groups (t shirts, jumpers, denim etc) and texted a dozen or so friends who I knew have kids of the same gender, age and size AND more importantly who might consider taking 2nd hand clothes.

We had coffee and cake and we juggled each other’s small people while clothes we considered and selected. It was such a good process for me. There were many items I loved and had memories of child x wearing a particular dress or top. But we have too many clothes and I needed to say good bye to them, all. What better way to do it then hand them on to friends who need an appreciate them.

It is in giving that you truly receive, immeasurably more than you can anticipate. I learnt that I do “like” things and perhaps would like to keep them, even if they are hidden in a box and not being used. Are you like that? Do you hide your treasures for a rainy day? Generosity is not easy. It goes against our human nature. But but it is an amazing, rewarding habit to cultivate. Are you prepared to be generous with all that you have this week?