Missing you!

Imagine a work space that ticks all the boxes. I am partial to an Apple Mac. I love the ruggedness of the leather chair. The look is simple. The stylist has thought of flowers, a coffee, good lighting and there is a view. The woven floor covering adds texture, comfort and interest. Would this be my idea work space?
My desk is currently littered with admin papers, phone books, extra rolls of sticky tape, kid’s drawings, notebooks and journals, a printer, some filing draws, a few random iPhone cables, some loose change, an old birthday card, pens, a newspaper cutting and several empty zip lock bags. I have an old mid century wooden desk which I love but in its current form I cannot see. I have a vintage brown vinyl swivel chair which is fun but not altogether functional. I have no extra light, no well placed spring blooms or coffee. But I do have a view. I watch the seasons change outside my window. I see people walk by. It is my vantage point when I work. And working right now, I am. Sorry for my silence. It has been months. Work and writing has taken hold. But I miss you and this little blog. So I am back……with more for 7mouths2feed.

Edit Busyness to Rest

The Siesta – Vincent Van Gogh

Epiphany. Rest. I need more rest.
Not just sleep, the long, uninterrupted time at night.
But I need to make time during the day to rest, recharge, review and be restored. It may be a power nap but time in a chair with a cup of tea and something to read quietly for 20 minutes may be just as effective. Last week I had a day when kept myself busy, doing chores and a range of odd jobs. It felt so good to tick off some of those tasks on my to do list ( the one in my head). But by the end of the day as dinner and bath time arrived I was exhausted. A grumpy, impatient Mummy Me stomped up and down stairs, spoke harshly and sighed lots. I was bad company for my man and my kids. I went to me room. To rest. To repent. To seek guidance and take the time so that I could see that without regular rest, I was destined to be anything but the woman He wants me to be.
So this week I am working of editing the busyness during the day. I need to build in times of quiet, even if it is only 5 minutes. And this is not rest at the computer or in the shower. But a time to sit down, slow down and recharge. Rest will enable me to be more productive, more patient and gracious in the long term. A better me.
Epiphany. Rest.