Good Fruit

How many have toiled long and hard preserving fruit all through a  hot summer?

This is our second year of plenty, a harvest of summer fruit; and our second season using the old Fowler Preserving unit. With the help of old books, with scribbled notes in the margins we have made sense of what to do, how to care for the fruit, place it in the jar perfectly. My mother has helped us too, offering advice when required. Fresh is best, of course. But it is amazing to be a part of a practice that once upon a time families were forced to do in order to preserve food for future months.

Today we do it because we can. I can probably buy nectarines all year round, although they won’t have come from our own mini orchard. The fruit will have traveled more miles than me! But local, home grown is soooo good.

This year we are enjoying ‘growing our own’, sharing the experience with the kids and being grateful for the abundance and diversity of God’s good gifts to us.