An "O" Chirstmas

Salvos Stores

A friend shared a great idea with me recently. Last year she decided that the family would have an “O” Christmas and I love the idea.
O is for Op Shop. Find quality second hand goods to gift to family and friends. One can recover, embellish, renovate and restore as long it is from an Opportunity shop.
O is for OXFAM or other community aid organisation like World Vision or TEAR. Here you can purchase gift cards that buy a community in need a goat, clean water, education, immunisation or the like. A great gift for hard to buy for family or work colleagues.
O is for ‘own made. Handmade goodness is always special and for those of us who like being creative Christmas can be a time to indulge. There is food to make – cordials, preserves, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, clothing, bags, artwork, jewellery, hair decorations. The list is long.

So as Christmas approaches consider an “O” season of giving and give someone else an opportunity.

All I want for Christmas….

Really I don’t need anything for Christmas. My focus should be on others. I should be buying a goat from TEAR and helping a village to have access to clean water. I should be more thoughtful about my Christmas shopping. But a big feature of life right now is that I am not as organised as I would like to be and this is a difficult thing to admit.

Poor organisation inevitably leads to spending above the budget, wasting time and energy searching for missing objects, presents (yes, where did I hide that?) and important invoices and documents. It means I am always running and not making time for refreshment – quiet reflection, prayer and meditation. I don’t have the headspace to really see what needs to be done and what the best way to do it might be.

So I have decided I want “organisation” this Christmas. It is not so much a gift to me but a commitment from me to do the ‘first things first’, identify what is important, schedule in time for the valuable stuff….yes it may mean buying or making some gorgeous new planner/stationary. ( The Project Girl) was a favourite last year!) However, this gift stands to benefit us all. My kids will be better cared for, my home cleaner and tidier perhaps, the food on my table more thoughtful, the time with me Man more meaningful, the connection with friends more regular, my spending more manageable and my giving more generous.

We don’t need stuff. Here in the Western world we rarely lack for the material things. But we need time, love and encouragement. We need Faith in the one who created us.We have been blessed with some amazing people. Cherish them. Love them. Pray for them.

How do you organise your life?