Getting Things Done

I am already feeling a little behind…..and my fun new planner is looking unloved. Why is that? It is hard to plan in the holiday season I find. There is no routine, schedule or commitments.

So how will I get things done? This idea Getting Things Done – GTD from author David Allen really strikes accord. I may have read about it before but today it is screaming at me, READ ME.
Take a look at the quirky and cute video that explains the whole idea in just over 2 minutes.
According to the GTD website the heartbeat of GTD is five simple steps that apply order to chaos and provide you the space and structure to be more creative, strategic, and focused.

Use an in-tray, notepad, digital list, or voice recorder to capture everything that has your attention. Little, big, personal and professional—all your to-do’s, projects, things to handle or finish.
Take everything that you capture and ask: Is it actionable? If no, then trash it, incubate it, or file it as reference. If yes, decide the very next action required. If it will take less than two minutes, do it now. If not, delegate it if you can; or put it on a list to do when you can.
Put action reminders on the right lists. For example, create lists for the appropriate categories—calls to make, errands to run, emails to send, etc.
Look over your lists as often as necessary to trust your choices about what to do next. Do a weekly review to get clear, get current, and get creative.
Use your system to take appropriate actions with confidence.

Productivity and Sleep

Michael Hyatt, an internationally recognised leader and author has recently posted  a fascinating info graphic (see link for a larger version) about sleep and productivity. For elite athletes the ability to sleep more improves performance and Hyatt suggests that your own personal productivity, whether it is at work or home will improve with more sleep, even regular naps.Roger Federer says : “If I don’t sleep 11 -12 hours a day, it’s not right.” For many of us we crib on sleep, take short cuts, pack more into our day, use caffeine and alcohol to keep us going and relax and then we wonder why we cannot sleep. Sleep and rest will empower us to do more and improve our health and well being. 

But in this insanely busy western world how can we make sleep a priority? As working woman, mother, wife..what changes can you make to your day to give you the sleep your body really craves? Love to know how you sleep.

Blogpost from Manse Medical.