Jane Edwards – Making Music

    • Sometimes we have friends who inspire us, as we watch them embrace their children with love and their talent. Other friends we observe them engaging other children too, as they teach and inspire young adults to make beautiful music and believe in themselves. I don’t know many teachers who have gained such respect from their students as Jane has. She has used music to bring music to the ears of many, brining them joy, comfort and hope in the midst of pain and ¬†ordinary life. I hope you enjoy reading a bit about what has been some of the cornerstones for Jane’s music.

      When did you know music was a real passion for you?

      Music has always been a passion – singing and dancing around the house. Piano lessons began at 10 and voice lessons began at 15. Mum and Dad loved music and I was brought up with everything from Peter Paul & Mary and Cat Stevens to Charlie Mingus and Thelonius Monk and everything in between – lucky for that sort of music education really. So can’t really remember a “start” for the passion, it’s always been there.¬†

      Where did you train?

      As already said, individual tuition was the beginning of the training – then school and off to Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music in the early 90s! Yikes so long ago…

      How long have you been playing/performing/teaching?

      Real performing (apart from school and musicals/concerts/etc) came with university. I was a member of a wonderful group of female singers called The Muses and we performed at quite a few festivals around the place – wonderful amazing and talented women. Solos and concerts around this time too. I have continued to perform in the towns in which I’ve lived and really enjoy the opportunity to get a program together – all a little difficult since children have come along. Teaching voice got me through uni and then began classroom teaching in Melbourne in 1995. Moved to Hamilton to teach at Monivae in 1998 and then Wesley College, Melbourne (amazing place) St Brigid’s Horsham, back to Monivae, then here in Yass at the Catholic School – great fun.

      Where do you find inspiration?

      Inspiration comes mostly from within, but I have to say any amazing performances (I saw the Idea of North on Saturday night here in Yass! Inspiration with a capital IIIII) musicals, student concerts, seeing young people give beautiful performances all give me inspiration. 

      What is the best thing about having a family and being a musician?

      I love singing with my girls – and they love it too – their own singing that is (they hate me singing – shoosh mummy!!!) To hear my girls in their room, pottering around and singing to themselves is just lovely. It is, at times, difficult to balance it all, but that’s just motherhood I guess – same for everyone…

      What is your next Big dream?

      My next big dream is to begin a community choir here in Yass – it doesn’t have one – and now that the girls are older (4 and 6) I feel that the time is ripe. There are many wonderful singers in this town and no outlet for them. Choral singing is so uplifting. I think I may take a leaf out of Hamilton/Dunkeld’ s book and make it a gospel choir!