Whole Orange and Carrot Cake with Coconut Frosting

Claudia Roden
Lovely, lovely cake. Building on my theme of baking with coconut flour, here is a special recipe that a few friends have shared via the wonderful Bianca at Whole Food Simply. I am used to making Claudia Roden’s Middle Eastern Whole Orange cake, that involved boiling whole oranges for several hours, then blending the fruit with eggs, sugar, baking powder and almond meal. This recipe however, completely cuts out the need for pre-boiling. I was not sure how the cake would turn out, aware that orange rind and the orange oils can be quite bitter. But it was beautiful. I think the texture and natural sweetness of the carrots work with the whole raw orange.
If you are new to these whole food ingredients you may need to visit your supermarket or health store with intent to find some coconut flour and coconut oil/butter. Otherwise you will most likely have the other ingredients in your pantry. I would love to post the recipe here but as Bianca says, they are her stories, images and recipes. Here is the link.

3 thoughts on “Whole Orange and Carrot Cake with Coconut Frosting”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I made this cake yesterday, and we love it! Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying your food posts. I have some bacon and egg muffins in the oven at the moment.


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