Renovations on my BLOCK

So there is a growing urge to clean up, tidy and renovate when Spring comes. Honestly, it seems that half the nation is at Bunnings on weekends and up to their ears with DIY projects.

I don’t need fine weather to want to tidy and clean. In fact I have a desire to style and organise my home persistently, like a bad toothache. It doesn’t go away….I just get discouraged by the clutter and “stuff” we have accumulated.
We have been in our home for 6 years now – the longest we have been anywhere. And I have realised that when you move house every 2 -3 years there is a big clean and purge that you attend to with your “stuff”. Sadly we are in need of one, overdue by about 4 years. And to add more stress to my levels of “stuff” we have had 2 babies in the last 4 years, so we have many more small things.

Last week brought some relief. After years of vacillating and indecision, consulting builders, architects and tradespeople we cleared out the front room and have painted. Amazing.

We now have walls painted Dulux Antique White USA (see below) instead of an off white colour with 1980s salmon pink. Hhhmmm.

But one thing leads to another. We clear out and rip up old carpet. We (well…the professionals) paint and now we need top update the flooring – more decision – carpets or polished boards. And the furniture needs revamping. And meanwhile we have sections of the house that remain uninhabitable.

This constant discontentment with home and house is not unlike the persistent need to repent and refresh the heart and soul. I am being challenged at the moment to be DISCIPLINED and it is hard. Hard because it demands I give priority to things that really matter. Not paint colour or floor coverings or the latest trend but the sin that makes some parts of my life ugly and uninhabitable. And all that means more time in the WORD.