The Bridge

I “used” to read a number of craft and design blogs. They simply inspired me each day – the pretty images and resourcefulness of wonderful women from around the globe. But the busyness of family life has meant that I don’t really allow myself the luxury all that often. Until yesterday….

Anna Maria Horner is a mother of 6 children, she is young(ish) and a wonderful fabric designer and artist. Her blog is a perfect mix of inspiration and family reflection. She builds a relationship with her readers. We feel as though we know her, although we don’t, really. But I stumbled across a recent post and was moved to tears. Her family of 6 may have been 5. Everyone has a story. Life is not perfect. Our choices are not always the right ones or the best ones.

But this blogpost depicts a choice for good. A choice for life and family. It will surprise you.
Children are God’s greatest blessing”

All images from Anna Maria