Little Kids Can Cook

This is not sugar free, grain free or dairy free. But it was oh so good! Made with care by number 3 girl. We read recipes, weighed and measured ingredients, baked, timed, tested and learnt how to curl chocolate. The Devil’s Food Cake (USA) comes from the delightful cook book by Sabrina Parrini, Little Kitchen around the world. A great resource that is as interesting for grown ups as it is for the kids.  Chocolate always seems to make people smile.

Holiday with the kids

A big part of what we like to do together is to cook. We are always making and baking. And trying new ideas. Here are some of the things that the kids have done in the last week. We made spicy jumbles, a biscuit – which includes making great pink royal icing.
 Separating eggs for a meringue and enjoying seeing the glossy peaks of the egg whites form.
 Sifting the sugar free of lumps.
 Serving dessert with strawberries from a local berry farm. We are total converts. Never will we buy from the supermarket again.