Dive Right In

So often we hesitate. We have a good idea, good intentions but fail to deliver. We want to try something new, ask for a raise, change something significant about our personal, family or work life but we put it off. We are driven by a fear of failure. But sometimes it is the reality that we didn’t have a go that haunts us – regret, disappointment. Life is here today for you and I, but who knows what the future holds. For later this day, tomorrow and beyond. Cease the day.

So make this day a day when you “Dive Right In”. Say sorry and amend a relationship, reach out to someone in need, get your haircut really short, try a new recipe, buy that new dress, apply for that new job, take the course you have dreamt about, start your own business, start your own bog(!), tackle the household chores with joy, tell someone that you love them. But just do it…..