Playing with the blog site – FACE/BLOG

So if you stop by here regularly you will notice a few changes. Yes, it looks different. Blogger has made many new advances since my humble days starting the blog. I started several years ago using this as a tool with my Lit class and it worked – in a fashion. The personal rant that is this blog is much more fun. I love using my digital SLR and playing with pics and adding a few words. Many of you have said it has been a good way of keeping in touch and I suspect I will send e-cards/Xmas letters this year with a link to 6mouths2feed.

Do you like the new look? IF I get more time I will add more ideas in the sidebar and maybe more pics. But it is a time waster.

Just like FACEBOOK! Companies all over the world are paying for employees to be networked while ignoring their job. How do you have time to write on walls, send gifts, pokes and so on?? I would love your opinion on facebook. You can find me there, just….by accident really.