People Need Your Creativity

“Focus your attention and creativity on basic things, things that people need and want. Then look for ways to enlarge, improve, and enhance your big idea.” 
Martha Stewart

Are you starting to acknowledge the fact that the new year is only just around the corner? Are you imagining what 2013 might look like for you and how you might harness your creative energy for an amazing project? Well I am… fact as you may know I think we are all creative and we use this energy less or more depending on the season we find ourself in. Stewart’s idea that a great project may involve improving or enhancing something we all need and want is probably a good one if you want to take your project big time and make money. But people need a whole range of things less tangible and not quantifiable or sellable. People need good neighbours, community, friendship, support, new ideas, opportunities to network……..
So as you consider your “projects” for 2013 an how you might spend your time, consider focusing your attention and creativity on how you might enhance the relationships and community you find yourself a part of today. Your office, classroom, blog world, family, kindergarten, playgroup, book club, sports team or Facebook page. Transform the basic things. People matter.

Four Great Glazes

It is almost summer here in Australia. Festive celebrations await. Long hot days, BBQs and summer drinks. If you need some fast inspiration for a great glaze for that piece of meat, here it is. Four great glazes from Martha Stewart. Loving the simple Info graphic. Copy. Paste. Print.

Old Man’s Shirt – New Girl’s Dress

This is a project you could do this week. The kids are back at school, the weather is getting warmer and I am sure many of us have been doing a little spring cleaning! So all you need is an old man’s shirt and some bias binding – as well as a machine and some basic know how. The transformation of this men’s cotton short is fabulous and so easy. Thank you Martha Stewart. You can find the complete instructions here.