Dear Mr Elliot Perlman

Dear Mr Elliot Perlman,

It has been a long time since I have visited with one of your works. I was hopeful when I assigned The Street Sweeper to our book club list for 2012. An Australian, contemporary work – that is the category in which you came to us to read. But I was somewhat concerned – a lengthy novel, spanning so much history, so many intertwined narratives. Would I have the patience to persevere? Would you deliver a cleverly, mastered story that would draw me in and up into another world?

Yes. You did it Mr Perlman. I am ashamed to say what I thought I understood about race, identity and the perversion of humanity via acts of evil but nothing compared to the detail and reality you painted with the words of your characters.

In truth, you had me at the beginning….pencil in hand I started to underline your prose.

Memory is a wilful dog. It won’t be summoned or dismissed but it cannot survive without you. It can sustain you or feed you. It visits when it is hungry not when you are. It has a schedule all of its own that you can never know. It can capture you, corner you or liberate you. It can leave you howling and it can make you smile.

Your latest novel, The Street Sweeper has given me memory of new people and places; of that delicious feeling of being captivated by a story and giving yourself over to it as you lock yourself away on a cold, wintery night and read and read and read…….

Thank you visiting with us. I dare not tell much more because I want my readers to enjoy this one for themselves.

S x

Creativity…when you are tired

When you are tired and feeling weary can there really be any reserve in the creativity bank account? I am looking forward to some time away from the roller coast of domestic life over the next few weeks and I do find myself wondering if I should plan for/prepare/pack my creative projects. Knitting, writing, quilting, drawing, Christmas gift making, cooking, decorating……. Thank you Maya Angelou for this timely reminder. I only have to look around to be reminded that our Creator did not stop after day one….the world is an amazing place.

Holiday Playlist….

The holidays begin in just a few hours. The kids are sent home early at the end of term and it is time for us to just ‘be’ as a family. Part of our downtime is listening to music. My man and I have been listening to Gungor, Phil Wickham and Josh Garrels.…plus he is enjoying the new Bob Dylan and Lecrae. The older kids are listening to Fun and a new South Korean hit  which is doing the rounds, Gangam style. Meanwhile the younger ones are re-hashing girl pop and some Fairies music.

There are 7mouths2feed in my home and such a variety of competing tastes in music too. I wonder what you will be chilling to this holiday time?

A Child’s Heart

What goes on in the mind of a child? As they play, imagine and dream ……How we care for them, love, cherish and nurture them has a lot to do with the kind of day they have, the notion of who they are and what they become. Do you encourage your little ones to have free time? Free play? Away from the structures of school or kinder, the round of extra curricular activities there needs to be time to just … To dig in the sand, pick flowers in a neighbour’s garden, make bubbles in the kitchen sink, dress the pet cat in doll clothes or cover the cement pavement with chalk drawings. This all helps them and it helps us discover who we all are…made in His image and full of a creative and imaginative heart.

Wonder Woman

Do you remember this great ‘old school’ gal? Lynda Carter made a great Wonder Woman, complete with gold wrist plates, lasso and red boots. The DC Comic super heroine was created to be a “distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and gender equality to a world torn by the hatred of men”. Did you know she has been around since World War II? It is hard to imagine what kind of Super/wonder woman we could create in todays’ world – one that would serve us by bringing peace, love and freedom and a character that today’s young girl would relate to. Any ideas?