Easter Monday – kids at play

So how much chocolate can one family of 6 consume….? We had a big Easter Sunday lunch and had family friends and their parents and new friends all gathering together yesterday. One family pulled out due to illness, but as a result a large number of the kids did too; so we had too many eggs and not enough kids for yet another Egg hunt. We have jar fulls of eggs now…literally.

Today the girls played with their Ma and sewed, while J hung out with his Dad. Lily and I mooched about and started the massive relocation/cleanout/autumn declutter. SO much stuff. We have been here for 4 years now and in this house for 3 years. But in the last 10 years we have managed to move every few so a natural cull of the clutter has happened fairly regularly. I am amazed at the expansion of plastic in our lives and of children’s stuff – artwork and precious treasures. I am working on the theory that more organisation of key family spaces and places will enhance our life and mine in particular. Do you nag the kids to clean their rooms?

The newly tidied playroom cupboard now means that the kids can see all their games to choose and can see where it needs to be returned to at the end of the game, as well. Hhhmmmm. J had a new interest in his army men and the girls rediscovered Go Fish! I love seeing them play. J started to say that we had no time for boardgames but realised mid sentence that if he didn’t play xbox or watch dvds there would be more time.

We are off to Melbourne tomorrow for a holiday and some work/conference squeezed in at the end.l

Ready, aim fire!!

Madeleine’s new doll that she made with her Ma. The doll is called Gabriella. (Anyone seen High School Musical, hhmm??)

Bella playing a competitive game of Go Fish.

Lily and Jake goofing about.

Dinner: Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken – it looks black but was succulent. Well done A!!