Cooking for crowds

It is the end of the school week and I find my fridge bulging with leftovers. This is not routine, but we have had extra people staying with us this week. There have been two Chinese students here, visiting as a part of a sister school exchange. So we have been introducing new food, Aussie food, explaining how you eat this, drink that……and trying to provide some familiar home food as well. It has also been a crazy week for the school musical and my number one child has been drumming – awesome drumming if I say so myself. We have also had various friends calling by and staying over after performances. My man and I sat back and watched nine smaller people eat last night – from three years to sixteen years old. It has been a busy time and the kitchen has had a big workout.
So today I need to plan to eat leftovers, recycle, freeze and so forth the food that is now decorating my fridge. Now I know everyone is big on leftovers, but I was brought up on the notion; waste not want not. Re-pursposing last night’s dinner, reusing a roasted bone to make stock to make risotto is somehow satisfying and a great use of resources. How do you plan to eat ┬átoday and use up what is in your fridge?