Planning for family life

It is great fun learning to hang out all day with the family on holidays. It is fun because we don’t usually have so much time together – there is work and school, music and ballet classes, playgroup,youthgroup and rowing training that keeps us all apart.

I have been thinking about what makes a larger family “hang together”. What is the secret to doing life together in way that accounts for everyone’s needs but also challenges us to share more and work hard for each other? I found this Big Family Story quite interesting and honest about the ideas and expectations for family life. We have loads of routines and structures that help us connect regularly. Family dinner at 6pm on weeknights is sacred, reading the Bible together and praying is a priority, as is a regular dose of family movie time on a late Sunday afternoon. Daddy dates/mummy dates with individual kids. But there are many things I need to reflect on this week – chores, washing, cleaning up, organising and tidying, homework. Holidays become the break I need to reassess and reflect on what we are doing well and what needs to change.

According to Katie in her guest blog post, an industrial strength Miele dryer might be life changing. Hhhmmm. If only it was that simple.