And the award goes to…..

Earlier in the year Jakob sat one of those Maths competitions that we all remember sitting as school kids. But this time something special happened. Jakob not only achieved the top in the state he achieved full marks for the UNSW Maths Competition. http//

We are so proud and he had a great road trip with Dad, who took him to the ceremony. There are pics here of Jakob and Andrew and Grandma. Three generations of Bradbeers.

Nutcracker versus Ruddslide

A wonderful evening! We have been out on the town watching the 2 girls perform in the end of year ballet concert, “The Nutcracker”. We loved it and the girls had a fabulous time. But exhaustion has set in. We are all tired and although we need to slip between those sheets, right now we are watching Howard concede and hopefully, in a few minute Rudd claim victory.

I tried to explain to J today why many people avoid talking about religion and politics and in particular why we don’t reveal our political choices even to friends. Maybe we need to expect more of our friendships – expect them to be robust and be able to tackle the unexplored territory of political revelation.

Well I do think it is time. A new leadership with all the promise of revolution!!!

Countdown to Election

It is late and Andrew and I are up, waiting for some friends to arrive. They are travelling with 3 young children so I do hope they make it unfrazzled.

Just been watching Lateline and caught a wrap up of what has been happening in Fran Kelly territory. People make bad choices – it is always interesting seeing people own up to them, or not.

Last Monday night we had a large turn out for our monthly women’s event. All year we have been meeting to discuss contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. A wonderful woman shared a paper on “Cherishing Children”. See for some stimulating reading. Alternatively, you might like to check out my brother’s online community –

Much has been happening. The kids started talking about “who they like and who likes them” as we ate dinner. It is funny really. A admits to marrying 2 girls in grade four – not sure this is good modelling for Jake!

Although I have had 6 mouths to feed for more than 20 months now, about 6 weeks ago it became official…..Lily gave up her bedtime breastfeed. A sad time in some ways – the end of a huge decade long chapter in my life. But an exciting one as I turn the page and await the new year of paid work and family juggle.

Food at my table….

I have been very distracted recently and have not made time to blog. And you may have noticed that when I do, I have posted iamges which are fun and easy and probably what you all prefer to see anyway!

I have just finished catering for A’s work lunch….this time a warm chicken salad with sour dough rolls andChocolate and mixed berry brownies. Somehow I managed to have a tuna salad and give away the yummy lunch!

At the end of last month I ran the cake stall at the kid’s school and it was a frenzy of activity. The mini lumberjack cakes above where some of the booty I made for the day. After spending 5 hours wrapping and pricing cakes and cookies I am over the yo yo thing!

Jakob’s latest food find is burritos – he can cook the entire meal by himself and recently relented to me adding things “not in the recipe”. It tasted great. Over the last few years he has been working towards cooking a family meal for us all, by the time he is ten years old. He loves cooking and enjoys doing it with A and will often flick through my Delicious mags.

A and J cooked this awesome although challening terrine, a la Shannon Bennett from Vue de Monde. It contained sausage, chorizo, black pudding, herbs, eggs, bacon. We had it for lunch although I think it was intended to be a breaky feast! I needed the bread and gerkins to “go” with the meaty terrine!

We are back encouraging M to eat her vegies which is a challenge. But the food processor is a god send for that. Basically our food tends to be the same sort a stuff: curry, stir fry, casserole, pasta, fish, roasts, chinese, noodles, nori, soups, salads, frittata. I have vowed to eat more vegies and less meat but with the kids in mind mince is easy!

We have had lots of visitors recently and that will continue for the next 2 weeks. The picture of Jake holding his newest cousin Artie was from one of those visits.

And after a very long break I am back making bread most weeks. Might even get some going now…..