Going with the Flow

A quieter day.
It’s a public holiday today.  It’s also Saturday.  Most of the Chinese students have gone home for the day so our kids are rattling around this enormous empty school. 
This morning they had a couple of hours down the street under their own steam.  All made it home intact, and seemed to have a good time.  My daughter went shopping and has been spending the afternoon with her room-mates re-decorating their humble dorm room.  She’s always making things or drawing at home, so I suppose it was inevitable that she’d find a way to do that while away.  I think she’s learnt an important travel survival skill.  
One of the boys has required some ondansetron for nausea again, which was tremendously effective.  Another sprained his ankle yesterday.  Although it swelled up massively immediately, the swelling effectively resolved overnight after early cold-pack, compression and elevation.  He was hobbling at brekky time, but when I came back with newly purchased crutches at lunch time he was walking much more freely.   I hope that this is the worst soft tissue injury we see here, although the way these kids have been playing sport there’s bound to be more to come.  I suspect the crutches will see some use.  

I’ve needed a recovery day. Two of the staff and I enjoyed a beautiful meal with some staff and a local communist party leader last night.  Although the food was delicious, it was really a side show for repeated rounds of toasting.  I’m not sure I could survive another raised glass of the local wheat liquer, Maotai.   My strategy last night was to ‘go with the flow’.  If we have another dinner like that I think I’ll have to try a different approach.  Maybe the approach – “Sorry, I can’t.  I’m on medication” could be the way to go.