Love Language at Home

It was years ago now that I first read Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages and I recall being quite confronted by the ideas.  The basic premise is that there are five main ways we feel love: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. I responded by feeling let down by all these people who I now felt did not know me well and had failed to really love me, to know me. So I put the book away….

Several years later the love language notion showed up in The Marriage Course my man and I completed. The course was a bit like getting your car serviced. You know you should do it regularly to keep your ‘vehicle’ on the road and well maintained but you get slack, it costs money and you forget. So it turns out that learning to love one another and working on a marriage is just like care maintenance. Loving your partner requires regular focus and the love language framework really helps.

Would you believe that raising kids is the same. We need to know how they receive love and give love so that we can best love and affirm them. This image above is a simple, timely reminder of how to love your children and your teenagers practically -the actions, the way to communicate and what to avoid. This is a clear summary of how to implement love languages in your home. A page to print for your journal or use as your screen saver, so that  living out the love languages is possible.


Have you heard the buzz about Copious? A new place to sell, buy and love. This online market hall for selected goodness and design will ignite your interest and curiosity. Using Facebook and Pinterest as an entry point you can list, sell, buy and/or browse. Move over ebay. The only problem is that they are not shipping internationally, yet. The marketing department assure me it is only a matter of time, so I should keep browsing and “loving” what I see. In the meantime it is time to de-clutter the copious items of clothing, shoes and jewellery and and take some pretty pics on instagram for sale time. Are you there?

Be mine…

Be mine….I married my man close to two decades ago. Yes we were young and in ‘love’. How much more do we understand what love is now. Love in action, in crisis, in fear and hope and all its promise. And oh how the idea of marriage seems clearer, better, purposeful and real as you live it out. Love, marriage and that covenant promise I made to my man is reflected in the Gospel….it was all His idea. What glorious hope therefore when my heart is in His and not some valentine. But I know He has given me my man to be mine…..

Cups of coffee

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your cup of coffee?

Why do you drink it?

How do you make it?

When do you crave it?

One the greatest gifts “A” gives me each day is my cup of coffee.

He makes it with such diligence….grinding the beans that glisten, testing that the water is hot enough, steaming the milk, making sure the crema is just so.

We share a cup of coffee at breakfast time and if we are lucky we manage to have one during the busyness of the working day.

This image is us – fair and dark, latte and machiato, strong and weak.

SO different but so much the same.

It is amazing how much love there can be in one cuppa coffee.

New Year’s Eve

As you can see we are looking worse for wear at the end of 2007. It is time for change.
Here are eight new ideas for the new year of 2008:

  1. Feed the mouths, minds and souls of all 6 of us this year
  2. Listen more/better… really, really listen…..and find a special time/activity to share with each child
  3. Walk faster and more often in the outdoors
  4. Find the work, family, life balance and keep hold of it!
  5. Love more….Andrew, kids, family, friends
  6. Learn more….work, faith, IT etc
  7. Write, read and create
  8. Sleep

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy New Year.