The Mixed Race Project

Family food from The Mixed Race Project

This topic has been on my mind for decades….my whole entire life perhaps. My story is simple. Malaysian born Chinese father marries Australian Caucasian woman in the late 1960s and they settle in rural Australia. I am born, followed by four more siblings. We look different, beautiful, dark, exotic. My mother is asked where she adopted us from and she replies, “She grew her own.” Childhood was a roller coaster of balancing different cultures, expectations, foods, smells, traditions and the ignorance of people. I was always different, other. So by the time I went to University I was ready to unpack this notion of difference, of being other. Various flings with the topic of race via a PhD, writing, teaching and having my own family has eventually led me to some peace about this mixed race project. There is more to say about this someday, but right now I want to share this project. A story of other families who have their own mixed race project to share in words and beautiful images of people and their place. It is moving……..