Staircase to Heaven….

We have had our home for six years now and have enjoyed living here, growing our family here (literally) and working out how this old Victorian home works for us, a busy family of 7.

This home purchase was inspired by year long life in London in a 2 storey terrace (like the ones above) with loads of character, close to the common and the school. But it is fondly remembered as the house with no toys. We sent minimal toys over with us.
Maybe it was the stairs that made our current home really appealing and what forced the sale. I love the staircase, large window and great dark bannister. However, I have come to dread the climb up and down the stairs. It is not fun when you are heavily pregnant, loaded up with a grumpy, sleepy child or collecting all those random belongings and carrying them up to the bedroom area. I can spend the whole day down stairs and feel quite resentful having to lumber up there just to grab a book or clothing item. And we call out, shout to each other…not that this is encouraged, but it happens.

All this said….I love the look of the stairs. And have been thinking about how we will paint/re-carpet and re-junvenate our floors. We have some great baltic pine boards downstairs in various states of repair. A simple sand and polish would be fine and probably sensible but I really love these boards.

Our bannister is dark too, with white uprights and the walls are a similar gallery white (Antique White USA) But I hear that it is hard work staining the boards and expensive and that there are a million and one methods to apply. Added to all of this is the hassle of being out of home for a week or two while the work takes place. How do you complete work on your home, whether it is DIY or with the professional and stay sane with a large family?? Inspiration and ideas welcome.