To Filofax or File-online?

Diary? Filofax? Planner? Online Calendar? Family Calendar?

What do you use to stay on top of the chaos of family life? In recent years I have enjoyed the Kikki K Family Calendar. But as the big kids get bigger I find things are getting more complex in terms of organising. They have their own schedules and we have ours; the little people’s commitments we adopt.

My man and I use the iPhone calendar and sync via the cloud, so we share important diary dates and contacts. But at the start of the year I always have a hankering for new stationery, a new lot of diary inserts or Printables.

So I am endeavouring to resurrect an old pocket, leather Filofax to record important dates and appointments. If you scan the web there are many Filofax devotees (see Philofaxy) and their zeal for all things planners in general is a little overwhelming.

How do you stay organised? What are your top tips for using online tools and hardcopy calendars? Help me work well this year. Love to hear from you. S x