Doing the Right Stuff

At the end of the week it feels good to have got some things done. It has been hectic this week with 4 of our 5 kids participating in the local Music Eisteddfod, performing at all times of the day and night. It has been brilliant watching them achieve great things and learn more about performing. On top of that we have had a broken washing machine (which means laundry chaos), a defunct fridge ( more daily meal chaos) and now a semi-broken freezer. So domestic life has been less than normal, my routine has been a bit scattergun. But we have made it through the week.

And you know I have had small moments to dream, reflect on the hard stuff that life is throwing me right now, read some more good stuff and stopped doing other things that have cluttered my time and head space. I am overwhelmed with thanks for living in a small country town which allows me to be close to home, work, schools, friends and town. I can do the school drop off, meet a friend for coffee and still be home by mid morning to the things I need to do. It is good to get some stuff done, but even more satisfying to have done some of the important things. Like hanging out with Him. How do you feel about your week?

The Edit Project

It is always difficult to change. To remove something from your home, your life or your history that you are actually quite fond of  but that has become a bit of a burden. To de-clutter, to downsize, to cut back.

The Edit Project is one very busy girl’s adventure into the world of editing. Not your average read, write and edit project. But a weekly blogpost of how I embrace this task of editing and pruning parts of my life. 

So as I savour my morning coffee I am making a list and checking it twice, ready to edit. Stay tuned…..


Cups of coffee

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your cup of coffee?

Why do you drink it?

How do you make it?

When do you crave it?

One the greatest gifts “A” gives me each day is my cup of coffee.

He makes it with such diligence….grinding the beans that glisten, testing that the water is hot enough, steaming the milk, making sure the crema is just so.

We share a cup of coffee at breakfast time and if we are lucky we manage to have one during the busyness of the working day.

This image is us – fair and dark, latte and machiato, strong and weak.

SO different but so much the same.

It is amazing how much love there can be in one cuppa coffee.

Christmas Challenge

This is such a busy time of the year. I always feel inclined to boycott the crazy Christmas hurrah! We have end of year concerts, break up parties, work dos, drinks with friends and on top of that Chrstimas services at church , a family wedding, more work, dentist appointments for all the children (nb: don’t book dental check ups in December again!) and Jakob’s birthday party.

I guess we are trying to have fun with it all and go with the flow of the busyness.

I have to shop, clean, tidy and prepare food for 20 tonight for a work function that happens to be here….Andrew has the afternoon to help mow the grass and spruce up the place. But hey, this is us at home this week enjoying being together. Jakob and Maddy cooked dinner – penne with cheese sauce and bacon, Bella wrote out dozens of Christmas cards for her school friends and Lily sat at the dining room table drawing. Hhmm. It is all good.