Book Week

This week the kids embraced the spirit of book week and dressed up in a favourite book character.

There was painting and trying on clothes, adjusting this and that, all to create the perfect costume.

Can you guess who they were? No really, make a comment and tell me who they were……and I just might send you a prize!

Heads Up

Maybe this is what happens with baby number five.

You ignore all MHC advice for tummy time for your babe. And then one day you place her on her tummy and she lifts her head up and looks at you.

Amelia is just over three months and here she is looking at the world with her big eyes and according to everyone we meet, her “Andrew look”!

Who do you think she looks like?

How to do Healthy?

We do eat well in our family…..and enjoy preparing all sorts of food together. But sometimes it is hard to get the basics right. Take the fruit bowl for example.

This is our fruit bowl. One child came home, saw the fruit bowl and said,
“Did you make that bowl? You know I don’t eat bananas and I hate Grannys Smiths and those red apples are disgusting.”

Hard to know where to go from there!

A new week and today…

I have one Bella Boo down with a fever…..
I have ripped my good cashmere blend top on the rosebush….while attempting some weeding
The drains have been blocked and we have been left with the smell of sewage in our yard….
Lily and I went to the pool today.
The sun is shining.
I have tidied my desk and dealt with overdue paperwork.
I can’t understand my knitting pattern.
I cooked more bread.
Amelia is crying.