I stopped collecting shells some time ago. I didn’t intend to do it. Perhaps it was because my girls tended to leave each beach trip with buckets of shells which we then had to wash, dry and sort. So I just stopped looking. They did enough beach combing for all of us.

 But the reality is I love hunting for treasures on the sand. I am in awe of the colour, shapes and textures of each fragile shell. The pattern and composition. The unexpected act of mindfulness and connection to our creator the beach walk brings.

Holiday Haze

Hello friends. It has been a long time. We are not long back from taking a holiday – the first long break in years. And it was so lovely to be away with the family, enjoying the beach, the new routines that holidays inevitably bring. But I am tired. Sun kissed. Windswept and sandy. Do you ever come home not as refreshed as you had hoped? Having read only some of the books in your holiday bag and feeling like the time just disappeared before you could get into the good habits you had planned for the New Year?

Well as we prepare for all of the small people to go back to school I am trying to focus on doing one day at a time. It is going to be an exciting year and I have so much to tell you. How was your summer holiday?

Hangin’ out with friends….

We have known these guys for many years….pre-children in fact. We managed to swim lots and eat out too. We visited the much publicised The Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld. Good food and particularly great kid’s meals.

This is A taking a much needed rest in a local park after lunch. And below is a photo Maddy took of Lily and me.

We now have 2 days alone before we take off to the beach for a much needed rest.