Digital Magazines…

Magazines. Will the real thing ever be replaced? I am sure we have had this conversation before, but in a week when I am mindful of technology and how I use it, I have to revisit this debate.

I have stacks of magazines all over the house. In fact there are probably mags in each room in my house. Recent publications, a 20 year collection of Vogue Entertaining and Australian Gourmet Traveller from my catering days (which I cannot bring myself to dispose of), a few special mags I bought for a particular feature. They all make up colourful towers here and there.

 I re- read EST magazine last night on the iPad and it was sooo beautiful and such a delightful experience. I thought I would miss the paper, the quick lick of the finger to turn the page. But…ummm, well, no? Are you reading your mags online in digital form? The real thing won’t go away in a hurry. But as big name newspapers revisit how to make more money and opt to go digital in the very near future, it makes sense that more magazines will be launched in digital format.

Maybe that should be my next BIG project?