Sugar Sugar

So what is all the hype about sugar? I recently read Sarah Wilson’s e book – I Quit Sugar. And have been thinking about sugar, sugar quite a lot. You know I think we eat healthy and provide our family of 7 with a range of nutritious options. But we consume a truck lot of sugar in hidden ways.
Juice. Tomato Sauce. Low fat but sugar full yogurt. Cordial. Milo.
Notice I am not giving my kids coke, lollies, chocolate bars and shop brought treats. We bake all our own biscuits, cakes and slices.
But some of the extras are loaded up in extra sugar.
So I am thinking about this, and slowly eliminating some of the sugar products from our pantry. Are the kids noticing? Yep. Are they ok? Absolutely.
Do we feel better? I will let you know……