We have become pretty IT savvy in recent years. We now have some older children joining us on that journey which is exciting but also a wake up call. How do we use technology in a manner that is purposeful and not time wasting and all consuming? Do we reach for it first thing in the morning? Should you be able to use it in all areas of the house? Should their be time limits? When my man and I use it for work, social networking blogging, creating websites, apps, music, film or to look up a recipe, we know it is not going to go away. The question is how to do it well, smarter and effectively.

Maybe that is another post for another day. I thought I would share our latest treat. Spotify. You may have subscribed already but if you haven’t heard about this Swedish music streaming service you are really in for some fun. Music can be browsed by artist, album, record label, genre or playlist. Using your Facebook account you can immediately have access for a trial period or for a small fee have music at your fingertips, ad free.

We have had a great time introducing our kids to older music, dancing to 80s hits around the kitchen table. Revisiting favourites and sharing our kids’ playlists! Check it out to subscribe, it will be worth it.