It seems as though whenever I find myself with some serious work to do (other than loving and caring for my family – think loads of cooking, cleaning, washing, nursing, bathing etc) I find a ┬ázillion other fun projects to get my hands onto.

So because I have some serious talks to prepare for a Women’s camp I am, instead doing the following:
Quilting….yes trying to make progress on my quilt for my baby who turns 2 years in a few months. You see the dilemma is because she has grown up and almost out of a cot, the quilt needs to be bigger! Aaahh. So finding inspiration here.
Rita’s gorgeous Tiffany quilt
And I am reading novels and cooking and finding so many good blogs about family life, faith, craft, design and food. I should send you a list sometime… is just like reading mags, great glossy ones expect they are all free on my screen. HHhhm.
Well here is my find of the day. Sweet Paul it is called and this is the kids issue so it is full of fun ideas for you and your kids to make, bake and play.
Enjoy your day and hope your not procrastinating like me.