Holidays with Grandma

We had a delightful few days with Grandma during the school holidays. A real treat to have her come and stay…..there were walks and talks and play. On the last day we took a drive to a local water fall that was very full and “loud” as Amelia said. We also had a great morning tea at a local cafe that has the best collection of old kitchen scales I have ever seen. We visited the chocolate factory and were treated to samples (yum!) and everyone posed in front of the old Blacksmith’s shop that apparently was saved from demolition. It is funny – this local town is teeny, tiny and only 20 minutes away. We should pop out more often. Now I know there is an Op shop…hhhmmm. And it is one of those old fashioned op shops where everything is 50 cents or fill a bag for $4. No excuse now.

The Joy of Text

A and I used to go to the theatre often. Indeed, being a student in Melbourne meant that you had access to fabulous student theatre and cheap ticket deals at all the right theatre companies. As a treat ( and this was a special treat) A bought us tickets to the MTC’s production of Robert Reid’s The Joy of Text.

I had no idea what it was about but it did not matter. We had made it to the city by evening, in time to eat in Fed Square and see some theatre. Wow.

We were both delighted by Reid’s play – maybe it had something to do with the fact that we had both been involved with student theatre – years ago – and maybe the fact that the play was about teachers, literary theory and student teacher relationships, also resonated with me. There were references to grammar, semiotics, post modernism, deconstruction and Helen Garner’s The First Stone, plagiarism and satire and the subjectivity of truth.

I was amused that the promotional poster ran the byline – Education, it is a blood sport. Given the chaos of ideas, interpretations and relationships that unfold in Reid’s play, maybe it is just that. There will be winners and losers. There will be inspiration and confusion. But in the end – the student moves on, leaves the school and enters the real world. Ready or not.

Holiday with the kids

A big part of what we like to do together is to cook. We are always making and baking. And trying new ideas. Here are some of the things that the kids have done in the last week. We made spicy jumbles, a biscuit – which includes making great pink royal icing.
 Separating eggs for a meringue and enjoying seeing the glossy peaks of the egg whites form.
 Sifting the sugar free of lumps.
 Serving dessert with strawberries from a local berry farm. We are total converts. Never will we buy from the supermarket again.

Girlfriends and un-wanted advice..

Do you sometimes find yourself talking with others and realise their perspective, experience and practice of childrearing, domestic life, marriage, work and life is radically different to yours?

I am constantly in this quandary. I may be part of conversations and want to jump in and say this is what worked for me/us. Have you tried doing this with your child? Or in other chats I have to stop myself from being judgemental because I would never do x or y.

I found Nancy Wilson’s “Talking Shop” helpful. Sometimes it is best not to say much. And not to say it on Facebook. To exercise control of my tongue and to know that there is room for various responses. Read it and see what you think….