Anna Maria Horner Crush

Anna Maria Horner
Have you noticed that ‘crushes’ seem to be the thing? Another way of saying I like you, respect you and am intrigued by you? I guess I have always been in awe of Anna Maria Hornera fabric designer whose work is full of colour and energy. Furthermore, she  manages to do life with a big family. I have written about her amazing story, keeping her first child and embracing the gift of life, when so many in her situation may have aborted. Her love of family has continued. I was happy to read that she has just had baby number 7, Mary Anna Louisa. Special. And whilst the tumultuous highs and lows of family unfold she manages to create and make and inspire here. 

The Bridge

I “used” to read a number of craft and design blogs. They simply inspired me each day – the pretty images and resourcefulness of wonderful women from around the globe. But the busyness of family life has meant that I don’t really allow myself the luxury all that often. Until yesterday….

Anna Maria Horner is a mother of 6 children, she is young(ish) and a wonderful fabric designer and artist. Her blog is a perfect mix of inspiration and family reflection. She builds a relationship with her readers. We feel as though we know her, although we don’t, really. But I stumbled across a recent post and was moved to tears. Her family of 6 may have been 5. Everyone has a story. Life is not perfect. Our choices are not always the right ones or the best ones.

But this blogpost depicts a choice for good. A choice for life and family. It will surprise you.
Children are God’s greatest blessing”

All images from Anna Maria