Build Character

This idea has been buzzing in my head all day. How do we build character and be people of integrity, grit and tenacity? How do we acquire wisdom and communicate with authenticity?

I want to be a person of character. A woman who keeps her word. I want to say what I mean and be clear about what I need and want and expect. I want to respect others, love, serve and encourage them as much as I would want that for myself.

So building character is about relationship. I am shaped by the people who intersect with my life. The people I choose to let in and become friends, those people of peace and who speak into my life are incredibly powerful. It is very important then that I consider the relationships I have and surround myself with influences that are positive, that build me up and not tear me down. Now this might seem like an obvious point. But it is so easy to get absorbed by the vortex of gossip and social expectation that sometimes we don’t make good choices.

Who are the people that make you laugh? Who are the people that invite you to think deeply and wisely about life? Who are the people that walk by your side when life is hard? Who are the people that mentor you, protect you and want the best for you? Make these people your friends. With them, build character.