Learning from Kylie Minogue

For those of you who are just dropping in on the conversation I am mid way through term 1 and this is the first time I have had all five kids at school. I am learning the hard way:

To be content in a season that I have longed for but not fully understood.

To enjoy the moment and be mindful, rather than be looking for the next best thing.

To accept again the ‘mission impossible’ of being wife to one amazing, busy, visionary man and mother to five very different kids.

To be grateful that I am healthy.

To be excited about opportunities to be creative.

To be flexible.

To balance time with people and time alone.

To determine how best to use my time.

To discover what brings me joy.

How do you learn?

PS – I discovered grooving to 80/90s hits from Kylie Minogue makes the pre-school rush in the mornings so much more enjoyable!