Celebrations, childcare and Craziness

More celebrations continued on our arrival home from holidays. My father’s birthday is 2 days after Bella’s so we shared a meal and cake with them both. Several days later Bella was also fortunate enough to have 2 friends over for a play and”afternoon tea”. Not a party this time but tea. In particular the much talked about and celebrated “kinder” friend Daniel. We made necklaces with fruit loop – I swear the best spent $3!
This week has been a bit crazy with A back at work and the roller coaster of medicine and effectively running your own business. This has coincided with me returning to work and the logistics of childcare and leaving my “baby”. Lily cried for a tiny bit, but was fine. When I arrived to pick her up she was painting!
On a sad note Heath Ledger died and the stock markets around the globe are going crazy with major falls. One must trust God in all this craziness.