School Holidays

So term 1 has officially come to an end and there are two blissful weeks of no school runs, lunchbox fights and lost uniform. Hurray! But there begins another conversation- what can I do? We are heading to the beach and I am determined to go equipped with art and craft supplies. The older girls have art journals, small spiral bound books to ┬átake along and draw, paint and create all that we see and dream about. I have also made a quick visit to the local library today and found two books – an old favourite The Craft Kid by Kelly Doust and Signature Styles by Jenny Doh. Doust, of The Crafty Minx fame has many ideas for my older girls who want to sew and make. The book by Doh is a fun read and reflection of how various artists create and inhabit their everyday world. What I like about this book is that each interview is presented with a pattern to make something. We will have a sweet time determining what we might make! How do you plan to create in the school holidays?