Breakfast without Tiffany

On the weekend we had the pleasure of going out to breakfast as a family. When we were much younger, lived in the city, had no children and double income we would go out to eat first thing on most Saturdays. We would have good food, loads of coffee and read the paper – all of it. Now….well it is harder to feed 7 mouths and make it real and affordable. There is usually less time to sit around, it is harder to go out with five children and not have cafe and restaurant owners appear a little nervous as we enter. But our kids are great with food and this breakfast event was fabulous. Good service and food. And the kids were alert and hungry. There were no mini me breakfast plates ordered…but adult size eggs and bacon, sourdough and extras. One child had corn beef hash browns, I had grilled field mushrooms with Buffalo Mozzarella and poached eggs and my man had a warm fruit compote. All lovely.

So breakfast is back on the list of things we do as a family. Where and when do you go out to eat with your family?