So What?

This first image of Linda Burney, newly elected female Indigenous MP in Australia is engaging. The pointed finger and her stare, one eye slowly shutting. I saw the image on Twitter and can only assume it came via a media outlet in the days following July 2, 2016 election. What is she saying?

The second photograph capture a girl alone – lost, lonely or walking alone. Away from everyone and everything. What is she thinking?

The final picture is taken by the official White House photographer, a candid image of Barack Obama running in a hallway with a dog – his dog? What is he doing?

Images are powerful. Each one tells a story. What is your story? What makes you STOP?

Writer’s Block

Rainy days, grey skies and constant muddy footprints on newly washed floorboards. Extra layers of wool on skin, covering hands and head. Warming soup and hot milky drinks to take away the “blues”. Tired eyes first thing in the morning, late nights, warm beds, dreaming spring is sooner than it really is. Grumpy kids, disagreements, the stress of exams, special day trips, fair-weather friends, extra meetings. The silence from a friend, forgiveness, hope and a new day.  A new coat, birthday gifts to buy, a friend to visit who is nursing twins, sickness strikes and plans change. The Japanese maple, red and yellow. Book club, new people, new ideas, reading…reading. Need more time to read, to reflect, to soak up the essence of today and the hope of forever that each moment is built upon. New wool waiting in paper bags, needles to go…click clack, click clack. Soup to make, large dinners to coordinate. Make food, tell stories and build community. These things are all stopping me from writing what I want to write here. But this has been my days of last. This is my story.