Creative Inspirations…

I love the  examples of up cycled woollen jumpers that have been repurposed into warm quilts for winter. This one is fun because it utilises some colour and if I am not mistaken a liberty binding. 

And this simple cotton quilt caught my eye – I love white cotton or linen with simple pieces to create a special quilt. It looks beautiful here on this day bed.

Mollie Makes

Inspiration comes from many places. Mollie Makes has been a recent favourite. So many good ideas.
If you follow me on Pinterest you may know that I have been pinning recycled wool quilts. I love the idea that hundreds of years ago people repurposed old woollen garments to make rugs and quilts to gain extra warmth. I have been collecting woollen jumpers for quite sometime now and have finally started the process of making. Cutting and piecing wool and cashmere, cables, ribs and smooth felted wool.

Each garment is washed in a hot machine cycle and then dried. Then I cut each garment, making sure I have as much woollen fabric to work with as possible. Then I place woollen pieces together and sew. I have a rather ad hoc approach to piecing a quilt like this. The finished product is not perfect as I combine squares and rectangles and odd shaped pieces to complete large strips, before finally joining them together. I decided to use a recycled grey woollen army blanket to use to add a border around my pieces. I haven’t decided what to back it with yet, but I am leaning towards using something simple and cotton/linen in tones of grey. Maybe a hint of colour just for an element of surprise.
Hopefully, the next stage of sewing a backing, quilting and binding won’t take forever. It is so cold here today that I think I really do need this woollen quilt to keep warm. I wonder what you are making?