I can report that the experiment in having all four school age children make their own lunch has proved to be moderately successful. They are eating, making reasonably good choices using the guidelines of what needs to go into the lunchbox and have allowed enough time to complete the task before the walking bus/parent taxi leaves the house. By choice there is a lot of thermos action – hot soup and milo have been favourites. The only downside is that we, the collective we are still learning to clean up and this task is hard when all four are not preparing lunch at the same time. Do I wear this outcome and smile?

Honestly, this week has been hard. The hotspots are the big transition times from sleep to school readiness and then from school to after school activity and home. There is always so much happening in the morning. And a thousand stories of the day are to be heard, as kids appear with school bag, sport gear, notices, complaints…..But the new strategy for lunch is helping, I hope.