Circa 1971

Love her or hate her Barbie has been around for a long time. Recently I found this Malibu Barbie 1971 in our local toyshop. My girl was not at all drawn to her. It may have been the tan or sensible beach cover all. But it is probably more the fact that she was not in pink, had no bling, sparkle or glitter.

When my first baby girl was born I remember having a conversation with a friend about whether we would let our girls play Barbies. The doll that typifies a body shape that is distorted and unattainable. Well we play Barbies. My old dolls with handmade clothes and the newer, brighter dolls. And the odd Action Man as well. The dolls facilitate imaginary play.
We have censored the Bratz dolls with the sassy attitude but the Barbies remain. Did you play Barbie?