The Home Thing

So this year is full of surprises! One of things I did not expect to happen the year my youngest starts her four days of Early Learning is that I would be a stay at home mum. I now have more child free time between the hours of 9am -3pm. I can start and complete most tasks without interruption if I so choose. I can call a friend, read, grab a coffee, take a walk, visit the day spa, dream or create my own adventure. But three weeks into this new life I really cannot say I have been able to do any of these things well. I rush about doing all of the everyday home things, just like you. I do some of the house stuff better and with a thorough hand. I have de-cluttered and sorted several big areas that have been on my imaginary to do list for a decade. I have occasionally sat, stared at the wall and wondered what I am doing with my life. But….. I am living it. I am married to an amazing man, I have five kids who I am trying to love, nurture and grow in faith and I have a home. A family. A life.
Doing the home thing depends as much upon me being there as it does my man or my kids. Together we are seven and there are days when it is such hard work. Not just the physical monotony, the groundhog day-esque nature of daily tasks. But it is the emotional support, counsel and wisdom that each of us requires. It is balancing everyone’s issues, needs and demands and knowing how best to serve them. While simultaneously taking care of – me! Yep, me. I am not that good at that part. Are you? So the big surprise this year is not that I am at home or that I am not back working full time. But that the home thing might just be the thing that forces me to take care of myself. I can see I need to slow down, to rest more, to eat well, to sleep, to reflect and meditate. To be mindful and thankful. And all of these things take time. Are you doing the home thing?