Donna Hay Best Basic Speedy Brownie with a Twist

White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie

Dear Donna,

Thank you for your ‘Donna Hay Basic and Speedy Brownie’.

I have been making this classic Brownie recipe for years but more recently have enjoyed tweaking it for special occasions. It is a forgiving brownie recipe that allows you to create your own chocolate adventure. It is perfect with raspberries and white chocolate, chopped Jersey Caramels, walnuts and cranberries, figs and hazelnuts, espresso coffee or crumbled chocolate mint biscuits. What I love about this recipe is that it is super easy, it uses all basic ingredients from the pantry.

It is a recipe that the kids cut their teeth on so to speak as they can make this with little supervision. So from us all at 7mouths2feed, thank you.

S x

PS. Here is the recipe:

Melt 250g butter and process with 1 1/3 cups sifted plain flour, 2 1/4 cups sugar, 3/4 cup sifted cocoa powder, 4 eggs and 1/4 teaspoon baking powder in a food processor until smooth. Pour into a lined 20cm square cake tin and bake at 170degc for 40-50 minutes. I do make this quite often by hand and the batter¬† has a less ‘processed’ texture which I like. If you add extras, take care to watch the cooking time as you do not want to overcook the brownie. It will ‘set’ a little once cooled.