More bread but this time with beer

I just had to show you the great bread I made last week, using nothing more than flour, salt and the dregs from Andrew’s Asahi home brew. Yes he is back brewing after months of fasting. And we are back making bread, highly experimentally with the beer yeast.

The beer dregs with the yeast lying below.

The little loaves look so gorgeous and they really had some rise to them. Taste wise there  is a hint of the hops and perhaps a bitterness too. But they worked a treat with butter and cheese.

Don’t Waste Your Life Sentence

When you are hungry…you eat.

Jesus did not come to give us bread, but to BE the BREAD of life.

Check out the trailer for Desiring God’s new feature film
 Don’t Waste Your Life Sentence

This is an awesome reminder of our need for Jesus, no matter what our circumstance.