Oh…Rosetta, Nina and Me

You know when you discover something you love and then lose the name, title, piece of paper……and alas, heartbroken it has gone from your mind. I found her again. Rosetta Santucci. I am loving adding to our art collection at the moment and looking for the next thing. I think this might be it. I recall reading about Santucci and have seen her work in various house and lifestyle magazines. But honestly, my recent journey into Offspring had re-piqued my interest. You know what I am talking about don’t you? Above Nina Proudman’s bed there is a large abstract, colourful painting that I adore. And I am sure it is a Santucci. A local Melbourne artist, Santucci’s work can be found at Green-Wood Gallery in South Melbourne. Rosetta says about her work:

Having spent over a decade experimenting with applications like jewellery and textile design, it was a natural progression for me to start painting.

My background in costume for film and television and a passion for textiles – primarily tribal and ethnic designs – has influenced my painting style.
I’m self taught, and it has only been through practice and time that I have nurtured my style. I grew up in the Barossa Valley surrounded by vineyards and wide open spaces, and in so doing, developed a deep concern with natural forms connected to life – plants, bones, feathers, hills, trees and stones. More and more I realise that my paintings are a path of self discovery and an expression of life’s experiences. As an artist, I understand that nature and life have a lot to offer.

So what do you think? Will you add this artist to your wish list?