Colour my day…

It seems this winter has brought new highlights. The sky has been an amazing display of all that the splendor of creation has to offer. A palette that is both surprising and reassuring. Beauty exists in the cold. Light emerges in the depths of dark winter mornings and at the end of short days. The colour is intense.

Looking good

Image from here.

I heard a woman talking the other day about how she looked good. Really good. From a distance.

The strange thing is that we all look good from a distance. All the unsightly ugliness tends to blend from afar. Our shape and form is less clear, that hair that is not in place, the wrinkles and creases, the odd love handle is obscured when we are a few blocks away.

But as you approach not only do the physical blemishes draw your focus but up close you know more of me – my smell, my demeanor, the tone and sound of my voice, the language I chose to use, my gestures. And each one of these characteristics reveal me, my heart. Up close I am looking less good.

Many of us, women especially keep others at a distance. Relationships stay safe that way. You don’t ever get to know the real me – the good, bad and ugly- and I don’t have to reveal it to you. We look good from a distance. We play safe but there is no real investment, no real love, no opportunity for grace, wisdom to serve or need for forgiveness and acceptance. The reality is that no one looks good. Up close we are a fuzzy mess of failure and disappointment.

Looking good is really a heart thing. It is allowing people to know us and inviting them into our space, our world and our community.And that is not the random gal down the road who ‘looks’ like she is doing it hard. It is inviting them to love us, the unlovely. It is you and me. We are the unlovely.

The invitation to look good is there for you and me. We need radical surgery of the heart. Thank goodness God gave us a way in JC. The ultimate, good looking heart surgeon.

How do you wait?

Many of us find ourselves waiting numerous times a day. For a few minutes at the check out, during school pick up or after school extra curricular activites. These can be times to rest. Inevitably I reach for my phone and check emails, social media, the weather. Today as I sit poolside I have dealt with some mail, read a school newsletter and read several chapters of a book on Kindle. I have a few reads that are on Kindle for those waiting times. Those times I need to redeem my time, be a bit productive and stimulated. How do you wait? And do you wait well…?

What went well?

It is almost the end of the week and it feels as though I have run a mini marathon. The aches and pains might be general wear and tear of running after five kids, nursing the onset of a cold, being sleep deprived and generally not resting when I should/could/would…have. It could be balancing needs of a big family, turning my brain on again for study and having the emotional energy for those I know who are ‘hurting’ right now.

How has your week been? And what went well today?