Coffee Busters is Busted….

 I attempted to go without coffee last week and it did not end well. 

 Headaches.  Anxiety. Stress. Discouragement.

So I gave up.

 I was incredibly encouraged when a friend sent me this link, What’s wrong with your morning cup of Joe? Is coffee a friend or foe and what benefit is there if we understand more how caffeine in particular impacts our system? Lisa Bryne suggest we need to understand coffee but more importantly we need to know our own body,  health and well being.

“Caffeine impacts people differently because every body is different. It is always useful to check in with yourself and see what your body is telling you.”

I have decided that my body needs some caffeine. 
It occasionally benefits from taking a day off  caffeine.
I need to drink more water. 
And coffee needs to be a slow, social event for me….not a rushed fix during a busy time.

So this “Coffee Busters” exercise has been a helpful one. I have also decided that an addiction or an over reliance on any thing, a substance or person needs redemption and not a quick recovery. It is more about the heart than the coffee that passes between the lips.
So I will enjoy my coffee. I will redeem my approach to coffee drinking and I will care for my body, mind and soul in the process.