Decision Making

I think we all struggle with making decisions. Big ones. Life changing or semi life altering ones.

As a woman, wife, mother and well….you know I wear many hats, the ongoing question of work life balance is never too far away.

Work. Paid work. How do you know when it is ┬áthe right time to go back to work? When is it ok to move from casual to part time to full time? Why work at all? Don’t I have enough to do with 7mouths2feed? Is it not good to work hard to care for my family?

I am thinking about the grid, the framework that I test all of these ideas against. Who do I talk to? How do I think about this in a helpful manner? What is ultimately going to honour the priorities I aim to keep?

So…there is a wee job on the table. What is a girl to do?